The other side of the story about the Dallas ISD 2015 Bond Proposal

The Bond passed.  The need for community input is more urgent than ever.

Let’s make sure communities are heard.  Community input, involvement and oversight is a critical part of making sure tax dollars are used wisely, and a critical part of making sure as many students as possible benefit from the bond.

Where to start?

Let’s start by reporting what we see and connecting with each other.

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(from before the vote)

Our students deserve a better plan.  Voters should demand one.

The pictures on the DISD Bond PAC site are wonderful.  Pre-K, school choice, and CTE (career training programs) are excellent priorities.  But there is a story behind the promises that doesn’t inspire confidence in their fulfillment.

The $1.6B question: Can this plan deliver on the promises?

My opinion? No.  I built this site as a resource to help voters decide that question for themselves.

I believe that true reform is ONLY possible with deep, dedicated partnerships between schools and the communities that support them.  That’s THE common characteristic among every single successful program and school in Dallas.

This bond is NOT that.   It’s just another plan being pushed from the top down that promises much more than it knows how to deliver.  Oh, yeah – and it’s a blank check.  Everything being promised is subject to change.  If you are voting on this for a specific project or issue, there is no guarantee you will get it.

Even the tax plan is subject to change, and it’s already changed once since the Board put the bond on the ballot.

2008 vs. 2015

Why you should care

No new tax?

Yeah, about that…