The other side of the story about the Dallas ISD 2015 Bond Proposal

If you want communities to have a voice, think carefully about your vote…

Your vote is YOUR voice.

If you have reservations about this bond plan, but you vote for it anyway, your vote will be seen as a stamp of approval.  You may hope that DISD does a better job of listening to communities, of planning more efficiently, of being honest about tax rates – but there is no place to note your hope on the ballot.

There is only a YES and a NO on the ballot.

A yes vote will be seen as a stamp of approval.  A no vote will be seen as clear disapproval.

If you vote yes but want changes, you have to go to DISD and lobby for them.  You can hope that the plan will improve with time, but know that you and others will have to actively lobby and promote any and all plan improvements – even the practical, common sense ones.

If you vote no, DISD has to come to you and your community to find out what kind of plan you would vote for. Imagine… they have to include communities to get support or they don’t get another go in May 2016.

It’s a lot easier to get DISD to improve plans when they need your vote than it is when they don’t. I’m not being mean – that’s true for any government entity,

Reasons I’ve heard from folks planning to vote yes on the bond, and rebuttals for each:

“It’s better than nothing.”

Rebuttal:  That’s depressing, and we’re talking about taxpayer funds which are very limited. Do not settle for a bad plan when the ask is this big.  The ability to fund better plans in the future is at stake.  Tax payer money is not unlimited  Use it wisely!  Vote No and make them bring a better plan back in May.

“It can’t be brought back in May.  The business community that is funding the PAC won’t fund it a second time.”

Rebuttal:  You are focused on an aging model of politics,  Yes, that would be a problem if there is no improvement in the substantive quality of a bond plan.  But include communities, and new emerging political funding models show that you may not have to go begging to the same old political sources as before.

“DISD won’t change.  What you want is unrealistic.”

Rebuttal:  You vote no to force them to change.  At some point, you as a taxpayer and voter have to put your foot down and demand change.  There is no better time than the present – than when you go to vote on November 3rd – to begin that change.

“The students need it.”

Rebuttal:  The students are why this is such an important issue.  We have 159,000 students in DISD.  We have limited tax funds.  We have to hold DISD to a higher standard because the students need us to.